[ExI] Which nootropics work best?

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John and Harvey: Yes, I agree completely. Despite the pressure of things to
do, I almost always these days get a minimum of 7 hours and mostly closer to
8 hours sleep, with extra at weekends. As a (Neo)Paleo advocate, I'm
definitely in tune with the idea of waking up without an alarm clock. I find
that more difficult now that I must keep office time, but I'm working toward
that goal.

I'm already doing my best with nutrition and exercise, so I'm looking for
those extra few percent improvements.

--- Max

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> John Grigg <possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com> wrote,
> > My recommendation to Max and everyone is to get a GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP.
> I second this.  Reviewing the literature shows that sleep restores
> memory and cognitive function much more effectively than any nootropic.
> We know that the effect of sleep deprivation and the speed at which
> sleep restores function is extremely dramatic.  We know that even minor
> disruptions to sleep quantity or quality have dramatic measurable
> effects on performance.  Most nootropics show only a few percent
> improvement.  And many of these are within the possible range of the
> placebo effect.

> Nootropics might provide a few percentage points of increased
> effectiveness.  But they pale in comparison to sleep, exercise, and
> basic nutrition in my experience.
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