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Il 17/03/2011 9.50, BillK ha scritto:
> On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 11:40 PM,  wrote:
>> Japan works on just-in-time delivery of every part, and every bite
>> of food and fuel. There is no such things as warehouses much
>> anymore. So with power out, little fuel, roads and infrastructure
>> damaged so badly torn up and ports destroyed on their side of the
>> country, recovery is a huge and almost impossible recovery job…but
>> they will recover.

> One financial blogger I read commented that just as the giant bank 
> CEOs behaved recklessly because they knew they would be bailed out
> by the government, it is becoming apparent that industrial CEOs also 
> behaved in exactly the same reckless fashion. No warehouses meant 
> bigger profits and larger salaries for the CEOs. Until it doesn't
> work anymore.   Now the government has to step in and do the food 
> distribution.

> Similar for GM in USA, etc. etc.

The point is "don't bail them out".
They will learn the lesson and others will learn the lesson.
Anyway, I think here people is underestimating the ability to private
entrepreneurs to turn on a dime and adapt to the request of the market
if they are not prevented by the government.

I suppose it would not be a big logistic problem to buy stuff in Korea
and China (and South Japan) and move it where is more needed, for a
profit. If they need to obtain government permission to rebuild,
environmental impact studies and likes before the building start, then
they are in a deep shit.

If I was the government, I would call the Sony and the other big
conglomerate and tell them: You want the road, the power lines and the
rest of the stuff needed fixed and cleaned. Me too. You do it, I will
give you tax deductions for the jobs completed. Don't bother me with the
details. Now, who want take care of what and how much want its taxes

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