[ExI] THE END for nuclear power (tsunami height)

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> The tsunami wave was after all only 12 meters high, and that was a big one, no?

Nearly 24 meters, and that was far from the record.


"A tsunami wave that hit a coastal city in Iwate Prefecture after the
March 11 massive earthquake is estimated to have reached 23.6 meters
in height, a government-commissioned field survey by the Port and
Airport Research Institute showed Wednesday," Kyodo News reports.

That's 77 feet, 5 inches. Or, about the height of a six- or
seven-story building.

It wasn't a record, though. Kyodo says that:

"The tsunami wave measured in the city of Ofunato was lower than the
domestic record of 38.2 meters [125 feet. 4 inches] marked in the 1896
Meiji Sanriku Earthquake Tsunami, and 34.9 meters [114 feet, 6 inches]
logged in the wake of the 2004 earthquake off the Indonesian coast of



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