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Spike wrote:

The report blames most pedestrian deaths on what they call "poorly designed
arterial roads"-they're high-speed, multi-lane city streets lined with
shopping centers, drive-throughs, apartments, and office space, yet devoid
of pedestrian-friendly elements like crosswalks.



>.I find it ironic that you bring this up because I do a great deal of
walking around my city of Mesa, Arizona.  Spike, this thread cannot just be
about poorly designed roads and statistics, but also the ethically
deficient, conscience impaired people who make our streets very dangerous...



John what this is actually about is a great disparity in how pedestrian
deaths are counted.  


For instance, had your youthful athleticism been insufficient and the stupid
proles in the pickup had managed to transform you into road pizza too
revolting even for Alcor to bother scraping the leftovers, then both of the
previously mentioned sites would have counted you as a pedestrian death.


If on the other hand, you had chased the jerks to the local parking lot and
began to explain the error of their ways, and they beat you to your untimely
demise, then Dead Man Walking would still have counted you, but Worst Cities
would not.  You were on foot when you perished, but Worst Cities for Walking
would not count you, since it would not technically be considered a traffic
death, but rather a crime.  That is in a separate category with a different


The point of all this is that the risk from the kinds of dangers you
describe are small compared to the risk from proles who intentionally wish
you harm.


Either way, a cryonaut is safer in a good sized V8 suit of armor than on
foot, or on a bicycle, or in a bus, perhaps by a large margin.  Ironically,
in some of the very most pedestrian cities they try the hardest to sell
alternatives to individual V8 armor.  Until the city planners can solve this
vast disparity, buses and pedestrian facilities will be a hard sell.










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