[ExI] Forbes posting

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Wed Dec 5 16:26:55 UTC 2012

Il 05/12/2012 14:07, BillK ha scritto:
> On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 11:13 AM, Mirco Romanato  wrote:
>> Maybe because there is no real problem?
>> Politicians need little goblins to numb the mind of common people
>> (mainly the common people voting). If the goblin is inexistent it is a
>> feature, not a bug. If it doesn't exist it can not, by definition, be
>> solved. And this make sure the politician is never out of job.
> !!! You are obviously not a farmer.
> Crops don't care about internet arguments, for or against. Farmers are
> just concerned about what crops to plant and the changes the climate
> is forcing them to make.
> Reality bites!

There is no AWG. So, there is no ability for A to correct the GW, if the
GW exist.

Now, if you want talk about climate engineering, I could find it an
interesting topic.
But please, CO2 is not the culprit and humans have not produced enough
CO2 to change anything (apart raise a bit the rate of growing of plants
- do you hate plants?).

BTW, weather change, and climate is not a steady stable level of
temperature, humidity, wind, whatever. It change, it is normal. An
advanced civilization should be able to endure a little modicum of
climatic variation. Our ancestor did and thrived. Now we are so scared
for what?

If needed we could build enough nuclear plants to use the energy to grow
crops in high rise greenhouses. We should really industrialize the


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