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There is the extremely controversial theory that Jesus was fathered by a
Roman soldier.  And now imagine if he had known that, and actually embraced
his Roman side.  Joining the legion, getting citizenship, working his way
up the ranks using his stunning charisma and social intelligence, until
finally he became emperor!!!

And of course, there could have been Jesus, the emperor of peace, or Jesus,
the emperor of martial conquest, or even a combination of the two.
Considering the impact Jesus had on the world as a man of simple
circumstances with a message of brotherhood, now consider how he might have
impacted the modern day as Emperor Jesus, battle savior of the empire and
all humanity!

"Centurion Spike, I fondly remember serving under your command in the IV
Legion engineers, North American province!"  We sure taught those darn
rebellious Aztecs a thing or two, didn't we?"  "And so it's nice to keep in
touch via the Extropius list."  "Oh, did you read the latest alternative
history novel by Harry Turtledove?"  "He has this extremely imaginative
plotline about Rome actually falling and Jesus being just a humble
itinerant philosopher!"  "I sure hope he's not arrested for such

"May the ferocious love of our God Emperor Jesus Christus ever guide you to
great victories in both life and death!"  "And may the cities burn, and
people be brought down, who defy our most Divine Lord, who now reigns in

And would we be at the same level of technology as we are now?   Or
vastly less?  Or even much more advanced?

If Jesus truly was the supernatural being that the New Testament claims,
and that I believe in, then life really gets interesting if he had decided
to do things much more "Old Testament" style, and taken on the role of
Emperor of the Roman Empire!  He could have built a near-utopian
civilization and alleviated so much suffering through enlightenment,
knowing that people being people, all he would have to do is stop using his
powers for awhile, and there would still be an eventual plot to kill him,
thereby still providing an atonement for the sins of humanity.


On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 11:28 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> We often complain about being meme-bombed this time of year with Christmas
> music, in the shopping mall, on the radio, everywhere, you cannot escape,
> resistance is futile.  But the way I see it, we should look at how much
> worse it could be.  The season is supposedly about the birth of Jesus
> Christ, nice snappy name there, two syllables, one syllable, crisp, clean,
> sounds like blammisphy.  But what if… ****
> ** **
> What if for instance Joseph Christ had not fallen for the Virgin Mary, but
> rather had given in to the wily seductiveness of that little hottie in the
> back of the class, the foxy Hortense?  Imagine the traditional Ava Maria,
> and substitute the other girl’s name for it.  Totally goofs up the song,
> because of the sustained syllable would now be hooooooorrrtense,
> hoooooorrrrrtense…  and so forth.  That would just not work, the proper
> church ladies would be blushing, the kids would be giggling, it wouldn’t
> work.  Perhaps we could then call the harlots mares, and even it out, but
> it could be still worse.  For instance, what if… ****
> ** **
> What if Joseph Christ’s mother, instead of falling for Joe’s father Billy
> Christ, had taken up instead with Tommy Schmurgenmeisterstein?  Then that
> clumsy name would have come down the line, and we would get seriously tired
> of hearing Ava Hortense every Schmurgenmeistersteinmas throughout all of
> Schmurgenmeistersteinianity.  That would get so tiresome.****
> ** **
> So look on the bright side.****
> ** **
> spike****
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