[ExI] repercieve the economy [was: Engineering]

Rafal Smigrodzki rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 11:17:48 UTC 2012

Spike, my heart bleeds for you when you describe the tribulations you
had to endure due to power outages but I don't think these are a
harbinger of unavoidable future problems. The world is swimming in
energy, there is a glut of fuel, but unfortunately there is also an
oversupply of environmental idiocy and sheer bureaucratic madness.
California's energy problems are solely due to political/ideological
issues, and not in the least to any problems at the
physical/engineering layer of energy generation (which BTW means,
there is no reason whatsoever to develop "renewable" energy sources
unless actually cheaper than fossil).

My advice - move out, join the exodus, come to sunny Virginia, energy
here is cheap and plentiful. The only power outages we have are when
an occasional hurricane strikes the power lines, and for that I have a
whole-house generator with 500 gallons of propane in the tank.


> In the '89 earthquake we learned that most stations have an on-site gasoline
> powered generator for power outages.  That was a good thing for us: my tank
> was almost empty when that hit, and I was able to fill up before the power
> went back on the next morning.

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