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 I fully agree Spike, Energy already is money. Switching to an obviously energy related currency will simple avoid the confusion and cyclic references which are already in the system. As you pointed out in the energy to get gold.
Its a more honest system and possibly easier to understand by the masses.

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 >>... On Behalf Of Adrian Tymes>>On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 5:21 AM,  <ablainey at aol.com> wrote:>>>... I just think that in a world where energy is the number one commodity,>>> we need to start using it as our global unit of currency. ...  Al>>Al, energy already is the real currency.  We mask it to some extent with our>fiat currencies, but oil is real money, and the real measure of value, even>more so than gold.  Reasoning: we have an arbitrary supply of gold ore at>arbitrary quality.  It just takes energy to extract the gold.  So energy>prices drive gold prices, which indirectly define the value of fiat>currencies.  So energy is already money.>>...Unfortunately, this fails to take into account the many different kinds>of energy, transmission & transport, et cetera....>>Ja, these factors complicate the picture, but I stick to my story that>energy is money.>>>...  For example, a gallon of gasoline is worth far more than the>electricity used to pump it - but if there is a power failure, most gas>stations can't pump their gasoline, rendering it temporarily worthless...>>In the '89 earthquake we learned that most stations have an on-site gasoline>powered generator for power outages.  That was a good thing for us: my tank>was almost empty when that hit, and I was able to fill up before the power>went back on the next morning.>>spike_______________________________________________extropy-chat mailing listextropy-chat at lists.extropy.orghttp://lists.extropy.org/mailman/listinfo.cgi/extropy-chat
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