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>.I fully agree Spike, Energy already is money. Switching to an obviously
energy related currency will simple avoid the confusion and cyclic
references which are already in the system. As you pointed out in the energy
to get gold.
Its a more honest system and possibly easier to understand by the masses.

Al, your last sentence points out why energy cannot be used as a currency
system.  If the masses understood currency, it would wipe out an entire
industry: currency speculation.  It wipes out energy futures speculation
too.  Speculation would no longer be betting energy and currency against
each other as is done now (since those two would be one) but rather would
become betting one energy source against another.  


This form of speculation could have the unintended consequence of causing
actual capital to flow into energy markets instead of parasitically
extracting money from those markets.  Then new energy sources might be
developed, driven by the human drive, our mindless irresistible urge to
compete and to gamble.  The new capital and resulting new energy sources
could actually cause energy prices to fall, which causes all prices to fall,
and we just cannot have that.  


We are terrified of any form of deflation, TERRIFIED!  We saw what happened
to the USA when home prices fell a few years ago.  In the face of direct
evidence to the contrary in all electronics markets, we have reached the
stunningly illogical conclusion that under any circumstances anywhere and
anywhen, all forms of deflation are bad news, ruinous, worse that the Mayan
End Of Time, pray to Saint Keynes to save us.


I counter-propose that we learn to love deflation, encourage competition
among energy sources, develop all of them, pick your favorite and pour money
into it, and pray instead to Saint Hayek, some win, some lose, but in the
end we all win.



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