[ExI] toys rewiring kids' brains

Anders Sandberg anders at aleph.se
Wed Dec 26 10:42:41 UTC 2012

I am a bit concerned about the modern Lego models too. When playing with 
my niece and nephews I find that they do keep their elaborate big models 
intact. However, they also have a sea of loose blocks that are used to 
make imaginative things, so I am not totally worried.

(In fact, I am feeling so proud that my niece's Poisoner Princess 
character tried to take over the world - although she was eventually 
stopped by the solipsism-bot and Commissioner Gordon's air-based prison 
I think I see the makings of a good supervillain in her)

So my recommendation is to get a load of random pieces.

As for rewiring children's brains, that is a topic that might be worth 
looking at. What mental skills can we teach the little ones? Maybe we 
should introduce them to cognitive biases or inductive proofs early? 
Teach them memory arts?

Anders Sandberg
Future of Humanity Institute
Oxford University

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