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>>. We probably want to *stop* the galaxy as it arrives.


>.Don't worry! It will be stopped with the galaxy coming from the opposite

Not really.  Galaxies are such diaphanous objects that two galaxies can pass
right through each other with a high likelihood of zero actual stellar
collisions.  Of course the gravity causes stars to go flying all over the
place, but that might be a good thing.

For a long time I hoped the universe might be closed by the mass of
individual stars that went flying into intergalactic space from early
interactions of galaxies, individual stars that we had no means to detect.
So Perlmutter's accelerating inflation idea was very disappointing.






In the case of the eternal inflation we should consider this very seriously.
Building a hyper-massive black hole here.

> or maybe the Great Attractor is actually our local dark-matter powered

It is a small probability for that, but not entirely impossible. In the case
of an artificial attractor detected, it would maybe be the best strategy to
go there. With the local Virgo-Coma supercluster, of course.

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