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The conservative press is full of irregularities that favor democrats.. I think it more likely that the press is biased than the voting machinery. There have to be some democrats working for those companies.. 


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>>>... it is starting to look more and more like whoever wins in Ohio wins.
>>...The state whose government has been pulling strong and legally
> questionable means to swing the vote Republican?
> No, that was in the next state over, Pennsylvania:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neGbKHyGuHU

Not what I meant.  I meant tactics which go after the registrars
and records of vote - which completely bypass the voters.
Doesn't matter if you're polling 70%, even 90%, if the official
record can be tweaked to report you at 49% to the other one's


>>...It's not the vote that counts, it's who counts the votes...
> Ja.  What astonishes me is that even after that 2000 Florida debacle, we
> didn't systematically put in place any system that would trace the act of
> voting to any kind of biometric identification system.  When I saw that
> going on, weeks before the result was announced, I saw it as a huge victory
> for those who would decrease the margin of error for elections.  I was
> appalled when nothing was done.  I don't understand why the losing side in
> that didn't press for better accountability in elections.

Because they were the losing side, and thus unable to press.
"Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding who to have for
dinner," and all that.

This may be encouraging certain Republicans' (and, to a lesser
extend, certain Democrats') "no compromise" attitude.  Any
compromise could lead to an acceptance of an investigation that
was not totally under their control, which runs the risk of pointing
out that, in fact, they did steal the election.

With proof this blatant about the Presidential race, I would not be
surprised if a detailed investigation revealed similar tactics on a
smaller scale for many Congressional races - up to and including
the tactics employed to try to exclude non-Democrat/Republican
candidates from the ballot altogether.
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