[ExI] pets, mirrors and cryonics

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sat Nov 3 23:35:21 UTC 2012

>>...Betta fish may fight (to the death?) with their mirror
>> image...
> Ja, I have seen that, thanks for the reminder.

I do not think the betta fish were *self* aware at all,
they just knew that the reflection was a betta and needed
to die.

> The cranes kept coming up and fighting with their
> reflection in the window.
> It was funny until they broke one.  Sand hill cranes can
> reach six ft tall.
> So they now just blacked out the window.

They broke the window or did they break a sand hill crane?
 I've heard that blue jays and cardinals and humming birds
will do this, but it's by no means self awareness, only
recognition of an "enemy".

> My MiL and GMiL both were all too caught up in
> being church ladies

Hence my suggestion of singing hymns or even playing
recordings of hymns. As a comfort if nothing else. I
recalled your saying there was religion in the background
and now you are looking for comfort food for the soul, so
to speak.

>  We decided to use
> turtle-wax instead of
> shoe polish on the mirrors, since it is easier to clean
> off after the fact.

Good thinking! :)

> There just are no right answers with Alzheimers.

That's the horrible truth.

Best regards,

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