[ExI] pets, mirrors and cryonics

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sun Nov 4 00:37:22 UTC 2012

Charlie Stross writes:
> Not sure about mirrors, but I've noticed a profound
> variation between individual cats in their response to
> other stimuli. Some ignore the laser pointer's red dot.
> Others chase it. And one in particular would make eye
> contact with me, point themselves at the laser pointer,
> make eye contact again, and meow until I made the red dot
> appear for her. She'd clearly worked out where it was
> coming from, and why.

That's clever, I've not seen an instance of it. But I
don't have a laser pointer myself, so haven't played Red
Dot with my cat. Have watched others play that game with
their cats. :)

> (I once recorded her vocalizations using a PDA and played
> them back to her; she got *really* alarmed. Other cats
> didn't respond to the same test the same way. Alas, she
> died a decade ago.)

My nephew is extremely good at making cat noises - usually
the cats become confused and start searching. They don't
do that for me, I haven't the skill.  Never tried
recording the cat, and the cat I have now is almost silent
so no point.

Maybe I'll try recording the outside semi-feral cat and
see what he does.... ;) He frequently answers me when I
call his name or meow.


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