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Subject: Re: [ExI] pets, mirrors and cryonics

>...Betta fish may fight (to the death?) with their mirror image...

Ja, I have seen that, thanks for the reminder.

>...I've understood that some birds (males) will fight with the reflection
they see in the window - protecting the territory...

Ja, my folks have sand hill cranes living around the lake in the back yard.
The cranes kept coming up and fighting with their reflection in the window.
It was funny until they broke one.  Sand hill cranes can reach six ft tall.
So they now just blacked out the window.

>...I've never moved a mirror for a cat or dog, and don't recall any of our
dogs/puppies having a reaction. The cats (as kittens) almost always did, and
it was a fun thing to watch as they all fluffed up and stood on tiptoe and
pranced about. But that reaction didn't continue long, they soon became
accustomed and just ignored the mirror. I don't recall any adult cat having
a reaction...

Excellent thanks MB, this is the data I was looking for.  The dogs and cats
figured it out as they grew into what would correspond to adolescence

>...Alzheimer patients are known for the amazing distant memories they pull
out of nowhere.  If you are wanting fmaily history, this may be a last
opportunity, utilizing the photo album...

We anticipated the problem and worked proactively.  I managed to get both of
my inlaws and my grandmother in law to write their memoirs.  I inserted
digitized family photos in my FiL's autobiography, and it turned into a fun
story.  My MiL and GMiL both were all too caught up in being church ladies
to really open up, but what we have is better than nothing.

The Serafina Little comment has me thinking about how we store memories:
they are strongly linked to emotions.  For instance, if applicable, you
remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard that
your grandfather passed away.  Fill in all family members who have passed.
When we met Serafina Little, it was a pleasant unexpected experience which
none of us present at the time have ever forgotten.  She was such a nice
kind-hearted young lady, we wanted to hug her, or adopt her.  Most
emotion-linked memories are unpleasant, but some are good, such as your
sports-moment, when you hit it over everyone's head with the bases loaded or
rang someone's bell with the boxing gloves.  Perhaps more clear are our
unpleasant memories of when the Challenger exploded, or when Reagan got
shot, and certainly the 9/11/01 attacks.

>...It's hard to know what to say, spike - but I send best wishes to you for
the duration. It's a terrible thing to watch.  Regards, MB

Thanks MB, we are doing our best.  We decided to use turtle-wax instead of
shoe polish on the mirrors, since it is easier to clean off after the fact.

There just are no right answers with Alzheimers.


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