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"... if they are real geniuses they are likely too be engaged in the study
of the newest and best Ponzi scheme, and if they really really have to be
into science they probably specialise in strategies for getting short-term
visibility and grants."

Of course there are true geniuses around. I know at least five
transhumanists with IQs significantly higher than Einstein's (identities
protected; they can identify themselves, if they want to). In the US,
geniuses are identified very early on in school, and primed to work for the
establishment (military Intel., NSA, high-tech defense contractors, etc.).
Most geniuses of this caliber are not turned on by money or power, but
generally want to facilitate making their vision of the future happen. Most
of the ones I've met are humanitarian types.

A large part of the purpose of h+ magazine was to inspire young geniuses to
channel their talents into the NBIC fields, for the benefit of Mankind via
transhumanist ideals. We need to continue to identify these types and let
them know they're not alone, and that we support their efforts to advance
Mankind through various enhancement technologies.

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