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>If we look at those 59 divisions and find that those 19,605 votes contained
>zero Romney, zero Johnson, zero Jill Stein, zero Virgil Goode,  zero Rocky
>Anderson, zero Rosanne Barr, zero Pat Paulsen, zero write-ins, then I will
>be convinced to my satisfaction that this election was bogus.  But if all
>the non-Obama votes combined add up to even a tenth of a percent, or about
>20 votes, then I will think otherwise.  Anyone who has ever served on a jury
>knows how difficult it is to get even twelve people to agree even when the
>evidence is overwhelming will know that any unanimous opinion of those
>19,605 is as phony as a three dollar bill.

You might be analyzing the subtle to the exclusion of the obvious. I think that it is perfectly reasonable if the demographics in those regions are primarily rural blacks.  Perhaps those 19,605 votes were black people who never voted in their life but were willing to bother to do so for America's first black president. Keep in mind that many people's decisions are influenced by emotion.

Face it, Romney pretty much pooched it with his comment about the 47% to the .1%. There were a lot of blacks in that 47% and if more of them voted than did the rest, that is all that mattered.

If you really want to make a case, look into the specific election laws in those states. They vary by state and you might be extrapolating California voting laws elsewhere. For example, here in Nevada, several parties are not officially recognized and write-in votes are not allowed. It was impossible for me to vote for Roseanne Barr even if I wanted to. IMO there is something undemocratic about not allowing write-in votes. Incidently I was allowed to vote for Gary Johnson so I did.

Also consider that  if the election was *rigged* it would have taken a lot of resources to do it. That would have required a buy-in from the PTB or as Citigroup has labeled them-- the Plutonomy. This was the safest status quo that could be bought. Such is the beauty of the theater; plays never get old so long as the actors are young.

Stuart LaForge

"Prisons are built with stones of Law. Brothels with the bricks of religion." - William Blake

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