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On 19 November 2012 08:47, ddraig <ddraig at gmail.com> wrote:

> Oh, no, my answer has always been: define rich.  I have spent most of my
> adult life doing exactly what I wanted, every day, without having to worry
> about food and survival, with the freedom to spend my time however I wish.
> This is the end-result of being rich throughout history, as far as I can
> tell.

I would rather say: define "smart".

In fact, the validation of IQ testing is based on it allegedly being
predictive of your academic/social/professional fitness and success in
western societies, at least all other things being equal.

So, saying "if you have a very high IQ, you do not care about all that"
simply means that IQ testing fails about that, at least at the upper end of
the scale and on the side of motivation, and that being very good with
those tests may actually correlate with a social disadvantage or handicap.

Nothing especially surprising here, some forms of autism may be correlated
with good performances in some specific areas. even though it may be
reasonable to consider them a "disease" in most practical senses.

Stefano Vaj
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