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Mon Apr 8 17:50:18 UTC 2013

As the resident fool on this list,  I like the Russian spy who also was on this list,  we read it every day but seldom if ever post. I have gotten great reads, books, and found out that the god-particle was once called the god-particle-vulture. I should note that the publisher thought more books would be sold with the former.  Most of what I do post, no if fact all that I do post , can not be cited or verified, it just opinion without research or thought. Thank god I seldom have opinions of what is discussed on this list as the junk I would post would have you ask that a doctor be sent to my door as quickly as possible. 

But, bitcoins, well that is something I have an opinion  "bigtime", because I own gold as a hedge against  either the euro or the dollar or japan yen from falling  into the ocean. So when the gold miners stock price dropped over 35% since the first of the year I have had to make a decision, should I buy more or has the story of Gold as a hedge changed.  There have been small hints in the people conversations ,people who live and die stocks bonds and currencies, that gold maybe is being effective attacked  by bitcoins. If it has gotten to this list ,well that's a case in point in it's favor, and now instead of maybe  people are saying not just gold but all the currencies of the world are under attack by this INTERNET whatever.  Whenever a Avalon mining computer lists for 1200 and is completely sold out in 2 hours, and then the same Avalon computer sells for 20K on eBay the next day, the canary in the coal mine just died. When the price goes from 100 to 180 in five days,  that does get your attention. Here is just a fool's view. 

I have been attacked and conquered  four times on the internet,  I have gotten letters from my BANK from AUTO PARTS  STORES from my HORSE Racing account and finally a Mag that I read monthy. All were attacked all have given up my information and all they have said we are sorry and we will do better next time. I have had geeks  I know , who lost money with Bitcoins in the early days2009 , not a allot, but going to zero hurts a great deal. I know that the CIA is trying to hire "bigtime"  Grads in computer security. I know that Black berry less than 2 years ago went down for two days. no phones no emails no internet connection. I know that the countries like china and others are attacking American computer systems looking for holes.  I know that Amazon has moved warehouses not to pay taxes, only to have the new locations demand that they pay taxes when they set up shop. But all of that can be conquered,  That's not true.  Without the ability to Tax all government's fall.  And more important the internet is just a few trunk lines that can be ripped up with a common ordinary buzz saw.  

All of us are already know that governments will take your gold, your house, your money in the bank, but they also  keep a lid on what would happen without them. Bitcoins will only work when the Government is ready to fall, it would have worked in Russia in 1997 when the Gov't defaulted and the rouble was used for toilet paper, but to you think China or the Europe, or Japan, or the US is going to allow that to happen. If it becomes a problem bitcoins, the buzz saw of gov't will eliminate it. If bitcoins do overcome I suggest you sell them and use the proceeds to purchase a glock 19 carry's a mag of 15 bullets, because you will need all them to protect you life.

Gold has a 2000 year history, Bitcoins as a unit of currency will fail only because the government's of this world rule the internet, and when it is threaten it will turn off the machine, if you think otherwise as the is always two sides to a trade buyer and seller, buy them bitcoins as you are in on the ground floor, and the sky is the limit. Are you a buyer or a seller at 180, what is your opinion:)

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