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Wed Apr 10 15:50:20 UTC 2013

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On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 2:40 PM, Eugen Leitl  wrote:
> Here's an up to date list with alternative digital currencies, notice 
> that there are currently 8 pages there
> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=134179.0

>...Personally, I recommend that everyone should invest in billcoins. Just
send me the dollars or euros and I will credit your account with a
corresponding number of billcoins.   Note that these are a long term
investment, so they will not be convertible for at least ten years.

>...I strongly advise people to avoid the notorious spikecoins, are these
are only dealt with in shady markets, usually involving an oily rag and
skinned knuckles...BillK

HA!  My own colleague fails to acknowledge that spikecoins are as good as
gold!  Forget BillKoins, those things are suspicious indeed.

Speaking of good as gold, the irony seems to be lost on the masses when we
hear all the ads on the radio trying to sell us gold and silver.  They
explain why gold and silver are such a great deal.  And oh by the way, the
advertiser is putting out a significant amount of gold to convince the
public that they should give her their paper currency in exchange for the
gold already owned by the person who is spending gold, trying to convince
you that gold is better than currency.  It's such a funny meta-gag that I
can scarcely think of it without laughing.


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