[ExI] bees again

spike spike at rainier66.com
Mon Apr 15 22:58:03 UTC 2013


This is a pretty good report, a bit alarming, perhaps intentionally.  It
goes from about 1:30 minutes to 14:40.




The thing that struck me about all the video is in all of it, I never did
see a hive which I would consider fully healthy.  All of them looked more or
less distressed to me.  Granted my experience was 35 years ago primarily, so
it is not necessarily a meaningful comparison, but I didn't see any hives
covered with swarming bees, not one.  When I visited a local community farm,
I saw exactly one hive of approximately 60 that looked healthy.


Those who are bee hipsters, take a few minutes and watch please, and comment
if you wish.



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