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>.This is a pretty good report, a bit alarming, perhaps intentionally.  It
goes from about 1:30 minutes to 14:40.






I had an idea related to my earlier urging you to not buy honey this year:
do buy almonds.  They will cost a lot this year, but my idea is this: if we
go ahead and buy overpriced almonds, then the almond growers will be more
able to borrow capital with their almond groves as surety for the loans.  If
so, they can use the borrowed money to invest in stationary hives.  Then the
almond growers would be less likely to extract honey, which would reduce
risk from neonics in the honey-replacement syrup.


In the meantime, I am thinking about what happens if the bee industry
collapses and we need to rely for human nutrition on corn and oats for the
caloric heavy lifting, with far lower fruit and nut crops.


My estimate after the peak of blossom season is that the bee population
locally was down more than an order of magnitude this year.



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