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Sat Apr 20 00:45:10 UTC 2013


ExI friends, I have an interesting crisis in which I would welcome any
advice you may offer.


A dear friend from a long time ago posted me yesterday saying her 15 yr old
daughter was threatened at her high school by a boy she didn't even know,
who was just in her class.  He explicitly threatened to shoot her in the
back of the head, said he had a gun in his backpack.  He is 16.  The girl
told her mother, who went to the principal, who tried to excuse the boy
since he doesn't understand the American way, being two months in the
country from Egypt.


As you might expect the 15 yr old girl is vigorously shunning the spotlight.


I advised her to go to the superintendent, and if he didn't immediately
react convincingly to go to the local news agencies.  She posted back a few
minutes ago saying Mohammad got a 3 day vacation from school.  He offered an
apology, but my friend's family refused, requesting no contact at all, for
they understand the difference between a threat and an insult.


There were at least two teenage witnesses whose stories match, and now at
least three ranking school officials know about it.  I just replied back
saying it absolutely does not matter what she does at this point: this story
has legs; the whole sordid affair is likely headed for the front page on
both CNN and Fox, among others.  Anyone here with children will get this
immediately.  There are too many elements in it that stir far too much
marketable emotion to just go away quietly.


Any and all advice welcome.




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