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On Sun, 21 Apr 2013, spike wrote:

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> On Mon, 22 Apr 2013 11:13:19 +1200, spike <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:
> >> ... and of course that crazy sexy 7 of 9...
> And even with that green skin, Cadet Gaila just looks like a heck of a lotta
> fun:
> http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Rachel_Nichols

To me, they are all like "9 of 9" actually :-)

> Oh that Q was a bastard.  But he was a great idea.  He made references to

Ok, so he was a bastard but by some other comment (but whose?) he also 
treated humans as pets, right? So, the sum of his bads and goods is 
actually a huge plus and he deserves a scotch.

An out of my head list of shows, just in case you or somebody did not 
watch them:

- V (with Elisabeth Mitchell) - not quite transhuman, but lots of nice 
  looking alien and human women. Big plus, humanity gets big whip in the 
  ass. Finally! I am truly disgusted with all those films when aliens 
  come, and they are so superior, but it's national holly day or Christmas 
  or something, so they fail. Not in this series. There is not even one 
  day of Christmas in it and the fighting is hard and the people are as 
  stupid and naive as they are (with only few exceptions).

- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - hard core reprogramming of 
  Summer Glau. A girl who displays assembly and hex in her eyes. Yummy. 
  She can also kick arse of other terminators out there (except the 
  terminatoromorpheress). And she knows   about bank robberies and guns 
  and time travel. She also has built-in gps, so one can travel broad and 
  wide and never get lost with her.

- Forbidden Science - transhumanism mixed with medium porn (I'm not sure, 
  is there such a thing? it is too good for soft and not good enough for 
  hard, I mean lot's of skin and knocking but no perversions like playing 
  with rubber ducks etc) - cloning, zex, memory transfer, more zex, 
  murder, even more zex, cyberspace, more zex,. I'm not sure if this show 
  is or will be ever allowed in US because it is not for whole families, 
  definitely. And besides, one of the actresses is Abby Sciuto lookalike. 
  And she is not shy.

- Battlestar Galactica, plus spinoffs - my fav, plenty of great cyborgs, 
  plenty of great fighter pilots, space tactics, techno lasses and not 
  even one f*ing magician. And the pilots make their own spirit, clean 
  engines with it and what is left, they drink. After that they either 
  fight Cylons or play cards and brawl. And after that a new cistern of 
  spirit is distilled, so they again clean their engines and throats with 
  it. I have written this already, but I will repeat - great. I was sold 
  to the show in a second when beautiful Cylon breaks neck of a child out 
  of curiosity - or for fun, she looked like both - and we hear click and 
  child stops crying. Wonderful. It gets a bit mystic by the end, but I 
  can live with this. Also, majority of humans were not too clever, some 
  were brave but overally, I rooted for Cylons most of the time. Oh, I 
  also rooted for the brave ones, too. And for the few reasonable, of 

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