[ExI] one way ticket to mars

spike spike at rainier66.com
Tue Apr 23 17:56:02 UTC 2013

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>...My assumptions went up to Isp of about 1200 m/sec, much beyond which
your energy consumption goes nuts...spike


Doh!  See what happens when a lad relies on memory from 10-12 years ago?  He
drops a factor of g and makes mistakes of an order of magnitude!  

I meant 12000 m/sec of course.  I was in the barber chair doing these calcs
in my head and realized I had blundered it, damn.  And my barber is a
crazy-sexy Vietnamese girl, and these are the first really good hot days of
summer so I will leave to your imagination what she came to work wearing
today, and no I will not tell you where her shop is located.  She doesn't
know much English but is good in Spanish and I know a little Espaniol, so
here she was in my face trimming my eyebrows with those, and I am trying to
make small talk in Spanish with her, trying to remember what little bit of
habla Espaniol I once knew so tragically many years ago, with those in my
face, trying to do mental BOTECs at the same time, and even with that mental
process in third place I still managed to realize I had dropped an order of
magnitude, damn.

Now both Anders and Eugen will jump my ass, but the difference is Anders
will do so in his gentle polite British-Swedish way, so kindhearted and
charitable I will actually enjoy it, but Eugen will just kick my virtual
butt and leave my broken virtual body in a smoldering heap beside the
information superhighway.

It's all 7 of 9s fault!

Apologies to all for my order of magnitude goof.  I will try to be more
careful in the future.


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