[ExI] one way ticket to mars

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Tue Apr 23 18:04:24 UTC 2013

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>>... My assumptions went up to Isp of about 1200 m/sec, much beyond which

>...VASIMR VX-200 claims an Isp of 5000 s...

Ja, I meant 12,000 m/sec.  If they can get 5000 sec or about 50k m/sec, then
well OK, I will at least pay attention.

There was a guy named Bruce Johnson at NASA Glenn in Ohio back in the 90s
who was saying we could make those kinds of numbers, but they were a long
way from a flight version.

Gene you surprise me man!  You let me off easy on that 1200 goof.  You are
getting soft in our old age pal.



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