[ExI] USA co2 emmissions plunge to 1994 levels

spike spike at rainier66.com
Fri Apr 26 13:39:37 UTC 2013

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Subject: Re: [ExI] USA co2 emmissions plunge to 1994 levels

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 03:44:57PM -0700, spike wrote:

>>... Wouldn't it be hilarious if the USA, after refusing to sign on to the 
> Kyoto agreement, became the only one of the industrialized biggies to 
> meet the goals it proposed?

>...It won't, because methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than
carbon dioxide, and is released in very large quantities during fracking...

Ja, but the Kyoto agreement goals were about carbon dioxide emissions.  If
you go with your argument, you create justification for the USA refusal to
sign on.


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