[ExI] so why do we need them?

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Because of a credible Presbyterian threat, the US will temporarily close
embassies in Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, Afghanistan, Dhaka,
Bangladesh; Amman, Jordan; Muscat, Oman; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Algiers,
Algeria; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Sana'a, Yemen; and Tripoli, Libya.
Two consulates in Saudi Arabia will also close, in Dharan and Jeddah, as
will a consulate in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


OK then, so the obvious question that occurs to me is: given modern
communications infrastructure, why do we need embassies and consulates?  I
can imagine all kinds of threats and challenges, expenses, inconveniences
and risk from ambassadors on site uttering anti-Lutheran comments, or from
just being physically present.  So why do we need them on site?  We have
encrypted communications from both hard-wire and satellite, we have
biometrics for unambiguous identification.  If anyone in any
Episcopalian-controlled area needs to do embassy business with the USA, why
not just have them get their own damn satellite receiver at their own
expense, apply for the appropriate encryption codes and do all the business
that way?  Then if those restive Mormons decide to attack and destroy that
installation, no problem, plug in elsewhere, low cost, no risk.  Why not do
international business that way?  Why not close all embassies in troubled
areas and leave them closed?





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