[ExI] <nettime> Forced Exposure: Groklaw closes down

Stephen Van Sickle sjv2006 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 26 19:34:32 UTC 2013

On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 11:05 PM, Anders Sandberg <anders at aleph.se> wrote.

>  Uncensorable seems to imply a broadcast model, even if there is just a
> single recipient. Lots of bandwidth usage. Tamper-proof likely requires
> cryptographic protocols, and hence stable nyms. Invisibility requires using
> "normal" protocols or encryption good enough to hide inside other
> communications, or an entirely separate system.

And what has the large bandwidth in which your darknet can hide?  Porn, of
course.  I hereby predict that in the near future, open internet traffic
will asymptotically approach 100% pornography.  All porn, all the time.  It
might even become a formal layer in the protocol stack.  You heard it here
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