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> >>…I don’t understand who is still loaning money to the US, and why.****
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> >…Because you need to loan your money to someone. Someone who is safe.
> Imagine you are a ChiCom, and you have to put your country's money in a
> safe place. There are a limited number of safe places, and you have a lot
> of money. In addition, there is the political leverage that money earns you
> over the US government. –Kelly****
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> I can tell you where a lot of that Chinese money is being socked away:
> California real estate.  I see ever more local homes being sold to absentee
> owners with Chinese names.  The Chinese don’t really trust their own
> government to not seize their wealth, so they park it in the US in the form
> of million dollar tract shack which serves as their vacation cottage.  I
> can testify of a house down the street from me which has never really been
> occupied in the traditional sense in 18 years, but the owners show up for
> about 2 wks a year.  It is meticulously maintained by a yard service, cars
> parked out front, cars that started out new but now have become
> weather-beaten with a couple thousand miles on the odometer.  Local
> neighborhoods are growing quiet as their population declines.  That’s where
> you Walmart dollars are going.****
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I don't doubt it. But what the Chinese government does is different than
what the typical Chinese citizen is doing. I was speaking of the
government, not individuals.

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