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>>... Someone, do explain please: what (if anything) were they thinking?

>...This flowchart may help.....



OK thanks BillK, that clears up the confusion.

Oy vey.

I don't know if this is true, but the rumor has it that the system tripped
over how to handle rate structures for smokers.  Before it was pretty
simple: if you are an individual wanting health insurance and are a smoker,
they would just sing you the Ray Charles song (Hit the road, Jack and don't
you come back no more no more no more no more...)  Simple, what part of NO
do you not understand.

Well OK then, now we have all these people who were previously uninsurable
with all the big four: they eat too much, they drink too much, they smoke
too much and they never exercise.  Now these insurance companies are being
forced to bet these folks are going to stay healthy, then are being told how
much they can charge and how much they must pay.  

The system doesn't know how to handle the rate structure restrictions when
the maximum rate difference between a 65 yr old smoker and a 25 year old
non-smoker can have at most a factor of 3, when their health care costs
differ by a factor of about 8.

I don't know how they will do that either, but I can envision zombie mobs of
elderly big-fours staggering towards the insurance company like that scene
in Michael Jackson's Thriller.


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