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Mon Oct 14 18:34:19 UTC 2013

Opinion from Europe:

Universal healthcare system works. We in Spain spend €1.500 ($2039) for
person and it guarantees that everybody have access to free hospital,
medics, expensive treatments etc.

Works, and is hardly argueable because is a cuestion of numbers.

(or worked: Popular Party is putting a lot of obstacles in order to
desprestige it and sell the hospitals to private companies for no money.
They have done it before with a lot of public system companies)

Apart of the obvious advantages (you save lives, for god´s sake.. this is
the most important), is cheaper. How many money for person do USA spend for
their health?

And, if you solve a contagious ill, it´s not going to spread, so you save a
lot of money in the future.

Yes, the smoker fallacie: You have to pay their treatments.. YES. And they
have to pay your police if you are assaulted. They could say: "Not me, not
my problem", but everybody pays taxes for the police.

Anyway, yes, you pay the smokers treatment.. but they pay your mother´s
pills. It´s a quid pro quo.

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> Euthanasia
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> >>... Someone, do explain please: what (if anything) were they thinking?
> >...This flowchart may help.....
> <
> http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/03/20/can-you-get-obam
> acare-this-insanely-complicated-chart-will-tell-you/>
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> OK thanks BillK, that clears up the confusion.
> Oy vey.
> I don't know if this is true, but the rumor has it that the system tripped
> over how to handle rate structures for smokers.  Before it was pretty
> simple: if you are an individual wanting health insurance and are a smoker,
> they would just sing you the Ray Charles song (Hit the road, Jack and don't
> you come back no more no more no more no more...)  Simple, what part of NO
> do you not understand.
> Well OK then, now we have all these people who were previously uninsurable
> with all the big four: they eat too much, they drink too much, they smoke
> too much and they never exercise.  Now these insurance companies are being
> forced to bet these folks are going to stay healthy, then are being told
> how
> much they can charge and how much they must pay.
> The system doesn't know how to handle the rate structure restrictions when
> the maximum rate difference between a 65 yr old smoker and a 25 year old
> non-smoker can have at most a factor of 3, when their health care costs
> differ by a factor of about 8.
> I don't know how they will do that either, but I can envision zombie mobs
> of
> elderly big-fours staggering towards the insurance company like that scene
> in Michael Jackson's Thriller.
> spike
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