[ExI] Warren Buffett is worried too and thinks Republicans are "asinine"

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Sat Oct 19 17:52:12 UTC 2013

On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 12:34 PM, Kelly Anderson <kellycoinguy at gmail.com>wrote:

> John, please back off the inflammatory rhetoric

No. I will continue to call a spade a spade. And it's a little ironic that
the default will calm the market and the embryology is a lie from the fiery
pit of hell people are complaining about inflammatory rhetoric.

>> I don't care if he's right or left, I care that Ted Cruz is not rational.
> > Or perhaps on economic and government growth issues he is the ONLY one
> who is rational.

And perhaps pigs will fly, but probably not.

> you can't possibly think he's more wrong on those issues than the entire
> rest of congress.

Oh but I can!

> > I never heard Ted Cruz or Mike Lee say that defaulting on the debt would
> be a good idea.

Actions speak louder than words, 90 minutes before default would have
devastated the world Ted Cruz voted to allow that catastrophe to happen.
And I can never forgive him for that. Never.

> They weren't really going to default on the debt. They were just making a
> point.

No, it was far far more than that. After the vote and sanity prevailed Ted
Cruz lambasted his fellow republicans that didn't vote as he did and made
it clear that the Tea Party would finance loonier opponents to challenge
them in the Republican primary races.

> I am a Tea Party member.

And I too have a confession to make, although I'm embarrassed to admit it
I'm still a registered Republican. In fact, I actually agree with about
half of what the Tea Party says, the problem is that in the other half
they're not just wrong they're BAT SHIT CRAZY WRONG.

> you are conflating right wing religious zealots with the people who just
> want lower taxes and smaller government. They are NOT always the same. I
> give myself as a prime example.

I want lower taxes and smaller government too, but the way to do that is to
vote to buy less stuff, not to vote to refuse to pay for stuff you've
already voted to buy. And if I don't get my way I'm not going to try my
very best to set off a economic H bomb that would destroy the world as the
hillbilly Tea Party did.

> It's the level at which we're doing it now that is of concern.
> This chart shows the situation really clearly.
> http://bit.ly/19TizJy

That chart is really not a very good argument that debt is bad, according
to it the largest percentage of debt to GDP happen in 1946, just before the
1950's boon times and the largest increase in economic activity in history.
And the second largest economic boon happened during the Clinton years, a
time of increasing debt.

  John k Clark
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