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On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 8:13 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> 14.  Your profession is planned (unclear how that will be, open to
> suggestion.)

Doesn't look like a logical consequence of our current situation.  Given
that this would be the next step from where we are, by your analogy, that
seems like it breaks your analogy.

> 15.  Your wages are planned (by limiting excessive salaries for instance,
> and raising minimum wages, especially for union members.)

Good luck with that, at least for executive pay.  Unless the limits would
just be for the rank and file - which is already the case.  (Go on, just
try justifying a $200,000/year salary for almost any technical job at any
major company.  Then try justifying it for a senior executive job.)

> 16.  Your thinking is planned, with posters, radio, press, all telling you
> the same lies (sound familiar?)

Again, only for people who don't know to find alternate points of view.
Sadly, this is already most people.

> 17.  Your recreation is planned (by for instance closing National Parks.)

...not even close to comparable.  National parks closed?  There are other
places to camp.

18.  Your disciplining is planned (for you can be called in by the IRS for
> any reason which they do not disclose, and are given a trial which is not
> public.

Unfortunately, they can't do that on a mass scale.  They can only crack
down on a (very) small percent of the populace at a time.  This supposes
that they could do it to most people.  They'd need a much larger ruling
class to be able to do that.
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