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In the tiresome but necessary discussion of current world politics, I offer
you the Readers Digest condensed (and very well-done) version of Hayek's
classic and as relevant as ever, The Road to Serfdom.  Back in the 40s,
people had a longer attention span than we do today, and could actually read
70 dense pages of text.

But we are busy today, so I ask that you open the enclosure, advance to page
70 and just look at the drawings, for it nicely and concisely sums up
Hayek's Road.  Pay close attention to illustration 12, on page 83.  Note how
well the Tea Party fits into the role of despised scapegoat minority, which
united the Republican and Democrat parties in common cause, given the label
of terrorists, arsonists, every other vile thing.  Note illustration 11 in
the light of the rhetoric of one party dominating soon.

Well hell, let us go back to 

slide 1, War forces national planning (and even if not war, a major crisis
such as the collapse of the healthcare system forces national planning.)  

2. Many want planning to stay (in whatever form, at the national level.)  

3. The planners promise utopias (where everyone, even the poor get health

4. but they can't agree on ONE utopia (so they just end up cramming every
representatives into one huge unwieldy self-contradicting illogical bill.)  

5.  The citizens can't agree either (split between two mainstream political

6. the planners hate to force agreement (but they do anyway, and force this
agreement upon us, like it or not.)  

7. they try to sell the plan to all (such as by sending the minister of
Health and Human Services on a national tour, along with much speechifying.)

8. the gullible do find agreement (that nationalized health care is a great
idea, and even if not, it is the LAW!)  

9. Confidence in the planners fades (imagine that, just from one miserably
failed 600 million dollar website.)

10.  A strong man is given power (hmmmm, does this sound familiar?)

11.  The party takes over the country (the newly unified Democratic

12.  A negative aim welds party unity, inflame the majority in common cause
against some scapegoat minority (destroy the Tea Party until not one trace
of it remains.)  Note Americans, this is where we are right now, two thirds
of the way down the Road to Serfdom.

13.  No one opposes the leaders plan, for it would be suicidal (it is
already highly unadvisable, with the NSA collecting every word of every
email while denying it, and the IRS, having escaped unscathed from being
caught before, ready to take aim at anyone associated with the despised
minority Tea Party.)

14.  Your profession is planned (unclear how that will be, open to

15.  Your wages are planned (by limiting excessive salaries for instance,
and raising minimum wages, especially for union members.)

16.  Your thinking is planned, with posters, radio, press, all telling you
the same lies (sound familiar?)

17.  Your recreation is planned (by for instance closing National Parks.)

18.  Your disciplining is planned (for you can be called in by the IRS for
any reason which they do not disclose, and are given a trial which is not

Is it now clear why I have been so favorably impressed by Hayek?

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