[ExI] comments please regarding snoopy-doopy.gov

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Wed Oct 30 11:08:45 UTC 2013

>  And when I went to the site the
> other day, I didn't
> have to put any of that in.

I checked Healthcare.gov early in this discussion (days
ago, but not the first day) and I did not need to put any
of that info in.

Site was https from the get-go. I gave my state, my age
bracket.  They gave me the names of two insurance
companies that would work with me and they gave me prices
for 3 different policies.

Seemed pretty darned limited choice from what I was used
to, and was more expensive than before, but there was
nothing particularly invasive.

Except, the site requested that I needed enable JavaScript
to do this.  And that's not something I like to do.

Perhaps if I actually *applied* I'd have more choices. And
then for sure would have supplied more info.


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