[ExI] comments please regarding snoopy-doopy.gov

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Oct 30 15:19:52 UTC 2013

>... On Behalf Of MB
Subject: Re: [ExI] comments please regarding snoopy-doopy.gov

>>...  And when I went to the site the other day, I didn't have to put any
of that in.

>...I checked Healthcare.gov early in this discussion (days ago, but not the
first day) and I did not need to put any of that info in...Perhaps if I
actually *applied* I'd have more choices. And then for sure would have
supplied more info...Regards, MB

I haven't checked it recently.  My experience was in the first few days.  I
probably should have let the dust settle a bit before bothering with the
thing.  Somehow both my original pseudonym accounts disappeared.  I consider
it all wasted effort at this point.

It occurred to me that it is possible I was on a counterfeit site the whole
time.  It wouldn't be all that difficult to divert the user to a fake site,
then ask a bunch of stuff the real site doesn't ask.  I didn't tell it
anything real, so I am not in danger fortunately.


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