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>…Spike, did you take your moniker from listening to Dr. Demento's show?  He certainly played a good deal of satirists like Spike Jones, among others.  Take care, PJ


I didn’t!  Not long after I started my career, I had wrote a research proposal to my boss.  Being the creative writer, I ended with a flourish seldom seen in business proposals:  Think of it Mr. Tanner, this is our chance to boldly go where no one has gone before!


He bought it, called to me across the lab “OK Spock, let’s do it!”  


The others, not aware of the proposal, thought he had called me Spike.  Spike Jones.  As a little joke, I wrote the report and signed it GA Spike Jones.  That paper won the top award for the best paper at an international engineering conference.  Of course I wasn’t going to throw that away.  So it has been Spike ever since.



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