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>…Here are some of my wife's mangled sayings:

No sir, nothing mangled about any of these BillW.  It’s all in how they are interpreted.  For instance:

It can't help but hurt…


Such a comment makes perfect sense if one corrects spelling.  It might be uttered if one tries a suppository for hemorrhoids and discovers the medication to be ineffective.  Or if one is vacationing at the Grand Canyon and returns from a day of riding a mule, then that evening a helpful friend suggests a headache remedy.


She's as short as she is tall…


As is everyone and everything.  Universal truth.


It's either famine or drought.  


In theory, one could be presented such a choice.  For instance, if one lived next to a salmon-rich stream and sustenance was removed on a regular basis by means of fly fishing.  The person has no other means of gathering nutrients.  Salmon will not strike at flies during a rain, leaving the fisherman to go hungry during the wet season but feasting during the dry.



It's six of one and one another.


Well sir, I will leave it to your imagination, but this is a reference to an amorous couple engaging in the act of mutual oral stimulation of the genitals, only instead of the usual simultaneous variety, this is the sequential version of that particular activity.

Do suggest all these interpretations to your bride please sir.



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