[ExI] Medical power of attorney for cryonicsts

Ben bbenzai at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 7 11:04:01 UTC 2014

Spike wrote:

 >If beta amyloids
 >are not the cause of Alzheimer's but are the result of it, and bexarotene
 >somehow causes that stuff to break down or stimulates the mechanism which
 >removes it, but doesn't help the underlying condition as I am vaguely
 >suspecting, then all we have accomplished is to give the patient false 
 >and suppressed his thyroid.
 >I know I am leaning hard on you guys, but hey, we have been friends online
 >for how long now?  A dozen years?  Maybe 15 or more for some of us?  
We know
 >each other well, do we not?  You guys know I am leaning towards going
 >forward, but I have held my fire and I am still agonizing over it.

Spike, in my opinion all you can do is offer what information you have 
(all of it, including the doubts you have, and the reasons for them), 
and allow the victim to make his own informed decision while he can.

I think the choice is between doing this and doing nothing.  Which of 
those is the right thing to do?  I know which I'd decide on, but it's 
not my decision.

Ben Zaiboc

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