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This makes so much sense to me.  




If the hardcore Greens would get behind nuclear power, we can envision that
as one of the big players in our near term and midterm energy future.  It
really stands to reason from the point of view of the Greens: nuclear power
is cleaner than any of the alternatives, including PV (depending on how you
look at it, if you include the manufacturing process for instance, which we
need to do.)  It is the most compatible with wildlife, which is something
that has broad appeal everywhere across the political spectrum (political
conservatives love wild animals too, perhaps more than moderates and


Nukes can be located way out and away from population centers if we wish,
such as along the Colorado, Sacramento and Columbia Rivers (we still need
plenty of cooling water.)  We can use the power to drive biomass to liquid
fuel conversion, which is carbon neutral, which should please the global
warming crowd.  And even if we have a bad accident, like the one at
Chernobyl, well, we just created a huge wildlife refuge, ja?  It's a
solution that doesn't need to get all tangled up in pointless left vs right


Dr. Hansen, what took you so long?



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