[ExI] Human Aging

Ben bbenzai at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 15 21:02:37 UTC 2014

Mike Dougherty <msd001 at gmail.com> wrote:

 >On Feb 14, 2014 4:36 PM, "Ben" <bbenzai at yahoo.com> wrote:
 >> <natasha at natasha.cc> commented:
 >>> It seems she may be confusing DIYbio and BioHackers with transhumanists
 >> ???
 >> If the DIYBio crowd and biohackers aren't transhumanists, I don't know
 >who is!
 >Sure, but not all transhumanists are biohackers.  Depending on 
context, the
 >terms are not synonymous.

Agreed, although you wouldn't say "It seems she may be confusing bricks 
with building materials", would you?

Ben Zaiboc

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