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2014-06-04 5:38 GMT+03:00 Rafal Smigrodzki <rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com>:

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>> Jukk can sp
>> eak for me too.  I have directed several supposed conservatives to
>> politicalcompass.org where they have taken the little test only to find
>> that they are somewhat on the left, mainly because of social issues.​
>> ​ I am still waiting for Rafa's data showing that leftists are as he
>> described, which is not at all
>> what I believe in.  So I think Rafa is making a huge generalization that
>> he cannot support.  wfw​
> ### Leftist is as leftists do. The leftist elite consistently acts in
> direct contravention of the lofty ideals that Jukka adduced. To the
> contrary, their actions betray an obsession with status, and hypocrisy.

My summarization was based on actual of evidence, I've seen having being
undertaken by several leftist stakeholders in several countries. They are
the ideals of the contemporary left wing to which modern left wing
organizations aspire to. Politics is always about compromises and
negotiations unless the leader is a dictator who doesn't need to negotiate.
Like wise, the conservatives and the republicans do make compromises and
negotiate. It is the nature of the representational democracy.

You may want to update your views on what is the left wing today, based on
the actual evidence rather than outdated beliefs and myths. You are free to
disagree with the ideals and have your own goals, but I hope you can
acknowledge these values are shared by many leftists through-out the world.
Your opinion of their desirability does not change their truth value.

I don't see value in referring to source materials, as it hasn't been the
tradition on this mailing list, but I can assure you I have sufficient
experience to summarize the views like this. I have taken part in
international policy making in several organizations, I have had my
opinions heard for OECD policy papers and I also have participated UNESCO

The contemporary left wing doesn't usually believe in single leaders; it is
more about the cooperation and achieving the shared goals rather than
personal glory and wealth. There may be individuals aspiring for those too,
like everywhere in the full political spectrum from right to left, but they
are in minority when it concerns the left.

> If you think my generalization is incorrect it should be trivially easy
> for you to give me multitudinous examples of elite leftists in the US who
> do not fit this description.

The world continues beyond U.S. borders. Most of the world population lives

All the best,
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