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The classic lunch counter, 1960s

>.Somewhere in America I can imagine some sharp business mind has either
attempted to preserve something like a lunch counter or reproduce it.  It
makes a lot more sense to me than a rectangular room with individual tables.
The staff can access everyone very conveniently.  Hey cool: the lunch
counter theme will be a perfect way to introduce robotic waiters.Oh this
just sounds like money struggling to be made.spike




Cool, it just occurred to me that Seattle Washington is all set to become
the humanoid robotics capital of the USA.  Reasoning: they are going thru
conniptions to raise the minimum wage from 9 bucks an hour to 15.  It isn't
entirely clear to me that replacing a 9 dollar/hr worker with a robot would
cover the capital cost of robots, but replacing a 15 dollar/hr worker almost
surely would.  You get a long lunch counter and assume these robots can work
really quickly, faster than a typical  human worker, and the whole plan
pencils outwardly.  Once Seattle demonstrates that this can work, it will
spread like crazy.  The robots will be cleaner, faster and cheaper than
their carbon rivals.



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