[ExI] How the world collapses

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> My notion is that once the stuff starts getting even a little difficult and expensive to recover, we will reassess what we thought was so critically important. 
> Consider your life, what you are doing that makes time more precious than oil.  Are you rushing to invent something that will save humanity from itself?  Well good!  Oh wait, you aren’t?  You are tearing off to your kid’s soccer practice?  To some office where you are working on ways to redistribute wealth?  To the shopping mall?  To a sports event?  To your dentist?  To a family gathering?  To a political rally where both leading candidates are saying the same thing?  To anything related in any way to entertainment?
> My notion is that most of what we now consider more precious than oil can be eliminated and we can still have a good life, while using way less energy, way less.

I'm surprised at you, Spike. 

Just as no one has the right to tell me, for political reasons, that I have no right to watch my kids play soccer, so I consider it rather obnoxious to tell me that it's a "waste" of energy to do so. Children, work, trade, sports, health, family, entertainment and politics?! (You only left out dating. Let me add it back into that list.) The things you disparage are life itself, not incidental to life. Of course, you may make other choices, but that makes my choices no less important than yours.

Freedom is what creates the good life. Freedom from others restricting your actions is one component; freedom to take positive action is another. The first political, the second is technological. If we have less energy, our freedom to do what we want is severely impinged.

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