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### Well, yeah. There have been discussion on this list about what makes greater sense as a way of popularizing transhumanism, wide outreach or focused attention. Looks like focused attention is the way, and the pros - political lobbyists, pharma reps, were right all along…Rafal



It feels to me as though Transhumanism has become crazy popular, without much effort or expense on our part.  


I remember back in the old days, when you could have the local transhumanist meetings in a phone booth (assuming anyone here remembers what those are and what they were for.)  Now I see the local (Berkeley) Transhumanist group is on fire, gathering proles like nobody’s business.  The Stanford group is active, there are some lads from the San Jose area that look like they will get critical mass soon.


Everywhere I hear discussions among normal people about matters that were way out geek-chic cutting edge space-case stuff 20 yrs ago.  Now it has become so respectable, a hard-core geek doesn’t know what to do or say.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Alcor gets a rush of business in the next few years, an expansion of demand far beyond what it is ready to handle, just because the time is right for the masses to go thru the same line of reasoning you and I did two decades ago.





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