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>… We must assume guilt in any case which starts out with the phrase “So far as can be determined” if the suspect pleads the fifth.

No.  The primary purpose of the Fifth Amendment is not to allow the guilty to invoke it, though that is an easy mistake to make.  The primary purpose is to require evidence instead of confession…

Sure.  The big deal in this case is that the defendant herself was vested with the authority to declare anyone any time guilty and make their life a living hell by calling an IRS audit, a form of conviction for which there is no appeal to a higher court.  The IRS is its own tyranny, granted arbitrary power without accountability.  This came out in testimony by IRS chief John Koskinen, where he appeared before congress saying the arrogant equivalent of “Fuck off, I am the IRS.  With one phone call I can have any or all of you audited beyond all recognition.”

Notice that nothing bad happened to him either.  Everyone there backed way meekly, including the firebrands Darrell Issa and Trey Gowdy.  We set up this system where we know we cannot do without the tax service, and someone has to run it.  So they know they are completely above the law.  They really are: who can do anything to stop them?

In this case, we do have evidence, and even more evidence that evidence is missing.  Yet the whole investigation fades away, as we realize we can do nothing.  The perpetrators are above the law.

OK then, they establish that they have absolute power, outranking the legislature, the courts and the executive branch.  We are likely to see a big swing in power in the next few years.  It looks like a disaster waiting to happen, with all these guys looking for revenge and being handed power from their predecessors.

This really is different.  This can only turn out badly.



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