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> OK then, they establish that they have absolute power, outranking the
> legislature, the courts and the executive branch.  We are likely to see a
> big swing in power in the next few years.  It looks like a disaster waiting
> to happen, with all these guys looking for revenge and being handed power
> from their predecessors.

### They are one of the most hated branches of a widely distrusted
organization and they don't have direct control over the apparatus of
coercion (army, police). In a shakeup, every one of them can be swept away
in a week, if they piss off enough people with more direct access to the
sources and levers of power. And, filth as they are, they are cunning
weasels with decades of experience in bureaucratic institutional warfare. I
predict a continued, uneasy truce between the various branches of the
state, with nobody's heads rolling and nobody really grabbing a much bigger
chunk of the power pie.

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