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Mirco Romanato <painlord2k at libero.it> , 16/10/2014 10:59 PM:
Il 16/10/2014 10:41, Tom Nowell ha scritto:
> Lockheed announces breakthrough on nuclear fusion energy 
> <">http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/oct/15/lockheed-breakthrough-nuclear-fusion-energy>;

It is not Loockheed, but....

Magnus Olofsson, CEO of Elforsk -- Swedish Agency for Research and
Development in the field of energy, composed of a conglomeration of
energy companies -- published the following statement on October 9

http://www.elforsk.se/LENR-matrapport-publicerad (Swedish)
Nonono, that is another, far more suspicious claim! That is the cold fusion Italian guy Andrea Rossi's E-Cat. And the elforsk results are generally regarded as suspicious; awesome if true, but there are some good reasons to think that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. http://www.elforsk.se/Global/Omv%C3%A4rld_system/filer/LuganoReportSubmit.pdf
Note that they do not seem to have tested for potential attempts at fraud: given the history of the field this should be regarded as essential. If you just make reasonable tests together with the inventor you have a high likeliehood of being taken in, as Keeley and countless others have demonstrated.

Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University

> Report on measurements made ​​on a LENR reactor - the release of
> energy and isotope
> Yesterday, were released the surprising results of the measures to
> which it was submitted a so-called "catalyst of power" over a period
> of a month. The report, written by researchers at KTH and Uppsala
> University and Bologna, describes a release of heat that can not be
> explained only by chemical reactions. The changes of the fuel
> isotopic analyzed indicate that nuclear reactions at low temperature
> may have occurred. This implies that we may be facing a new way to
> extract nuclear energy possible without ionizing radiation and
> radioactive waste. The discovery could potentially become very
> important for the energy supply worldwide. The central part of the
> reactor is a narrow cylinder about eight inches long. In the
> experiments, the reactor operated at temperatures up to about 1400
> degrees Celsius. It was observed a net release of energy equal to
> 1500 kWh. The production of thermal energy has been quantified equal
> to 3-4 times the electricity fed. The reactor was filled with 1 gram
> of nickel powder uploaded hydrogen plus some additives. In recent
> years, Elforsk has followed the development of the now so-called
> LENR, ie nuclear reactions at low energy. Elforsk has published a
> brief review on LENR. Elforsk has co-funded the work described in the
> report, in addition to previous measurements that showed an anomalous
> excess energy. If you can safely manage and control these reactions,
> at this point considered to be of nuclear origin, we will witness a
> fundamental transformation of our energy system. Electricity and heat
> could then be produced with relatively simple components, favoring
> the decentralization of energy supply inexpensively... To understand
> and explain the phenomenon we must continue the search. We will work
> to researchers in an attempt to confirm and then explain how it
> works.



Anyone competent in nickel powder, crystals and likes?

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