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ebola cannot go airborne



The white stuff in this photo is a bodily fluid and it is in the air.  Ebola gets in all the bodily fluids.  That big white aerosol cloud in the photo would contain viruses if the sneezer is infected.


>…Many viruses can not survive suspended in the air long enough to infect anyone else.  Also note the specific logic and - far more importantly - observational evidence that ebola is not airborne in that Snopes article…

Note that the Snopes article is debunking the notion that the CDC admitted that ebola can become airborne.  I agree with them on that: the CDC said no such thing, and I don’t expect them to in the future.

>…Please research these things when you go on long rants like this.  You do yourself a disservice otherwise.  In general, if you can not make the argument concisely, and it is not a complex matter…

OK here’s my citizen scientist home experiment.  Next time you are sitting in front of your computer and feel a good sneeze coming on, don’t stifle it into your sleeve as you normally might do.  Let it fly, right onto your monitor.  This will not hurt it a bit; windex will fit it afterwards.  Note the spray patterns, the size and so forth.  Estimate the volume of those droplets.

Now imagine you are a virus living in one of those.  I see no reason whatsoever that a virus couldn’t survive a good old fashioned deep sneeze, the good orgasmic kind that start with ah ah ah aaaaaaahhhhh…  Then if anyone is anywhere near that cloud of sputum and inhales that, I just can’t see why that few seconds in the air would slay those viruses.



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